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CAMEL-14534: camel-core - Optimize

CAMEL-14534: camel-core - Optimize

CAMEL-14534: camel-core - Optimize reactive engine to use Deque instead of LinkedList which is faster and dont cause soo much object allocations.


Fixed catalog test and polished websocket-jsr356

FAQ docs: Improve NOTE section

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FAQ: Improve NOTE sections

FAQ: Improve NOTE sections

Exception Clause docs: Improve NOTE section

Dead Letter Channel docs: Improve NOTE section

Migration guide: Improve NOTE section

Upgrade OWASP Maven Plugin to version 5.3.0

CAMEL-14404 - Ignore xsi namespace attributes

Fixed compile error

extact receiveBody methods (#3486)

Use StringBuilder#append(char[] str, int offset, int len) to improve performance. (#3489)

camel-core - Polished

camel-core - Polished


Fix indentation for generated methods

Updating some docs + spring boot dependencies for CXF

Camel-AWS2-Translate: Restore the check for keys or client in registry

Fix PackageHelper.findJsonFiles to restore the previous behavior

Improve EndpointDslMojo

This commit removes javaparser and uses interface inheritance to achieve

what was previously done with javaparser in a much more efficient way

even if not as elegant as before.

The side effect is that the *EndpointBuilderFactory interaces have one

additional interface to make it possible to expose both the default and

static builders.

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Regen docs

Camel-AWS2-Translate: Note about not supporting it in OSGI

CAMEL-14409: camel-core - ExtendedExchange for advanced API

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Camel-AWS2-Translate: Removed the Karaf Itests for camel-aws2 and camel-aws2-translate

Camel-Aws2-Translate: Removed Karaf features for camel-aws2 and camel-aws2-translate

Fix PackageHelper.findJsonFiles to restore the previous behavior