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Move lifecycle api into its own api for camel context.

CAMEL-14697: consider parameters from path

We need to include any parameters that are defined on the path as well

as the parameters that are defined on the operation.

CAMEL-14691: dereference parameters

If parameters are references then we need to dereference them.

CAMEL-14691: Code cleanup

- makes sure that autocloseable resources are used with


- parameter names reflect their use

- resources are not loaded outside of the `src` directory

- methods that can be static are declared as static

- methods are not named `get...`

- referenced values are used instead of fetched again (e.g. repeated


- URL class is not used

- when possible early exits are taken

- doesn't rely on non-standard base path resolution from `basePath`

variable (used in example, no bearing on the base path)

- removes trailing whitespace

- use final where possible

- corrects AssertJ usage

- adds tests for refactored code

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CS: Fix all imports

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camel-openapi-rest-dsl-generator: fixed switch/cases indentation see CAMEL-14540

chore: fixed sourcechk violations.

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CAMEL-14484: Make XML dumper its own model outside camel-core-engine

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CAMEL-14444: Fixed build

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[CAMEL-14447]OpenApi V3: ensure all variables are parsed for Server Url

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make checkstyle happy

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[CAMEL-12619]add server variables support in OpenAPI 3.x

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[CAMEL-14315]add openapi-rest-dsl-generator

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