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CAMEL-14009 - Regen

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Upgrade Zipkin to version 2.18.1

Upgrade Kubernetes client to version 4.6.1

Revert "CAMEL-14079: Upgrade Jetty to 9.4.21"

This reverts commit d5d75adc5e5c7cb6ae908518bc7d0e8560fa99f7.

CAMEL-14079: Upgrade Jetty to 9.4.21

Upgrade Zipkin to version 2.18.0

CAMEL-14060: Remove camel-restlet

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Upgrade Undertow to version 2.0.27.Final

CAMEL-13684 - upgraded corda to 4.1 and added missing ops methos in producer

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Upgrade BouncyCastle to version 1.64

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Upgrade Jxmpp to version 0.6.4

Upgrade QPid Broker to version 7.1.5

Upgrade Mongodb Java driver to version 3.11.1

Upgrade Jgit to version

Upgrade Async Http client to version 2.10.4

CAMEL-13875: Support for MicroProfile Health

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Upgrade Jackrabbit to version 2.19.5

Upgrade Arquillian to version 1.5.0.Final

Lets go back to an existing bundle for fastjson 1.2.61_1

Upgrade Mimepull to version 1.9.12

Upgrade Zipkin to version 2.17.2

Upgrade Rxjava to version 2.2.13

Upgrade Fastjson and related bundle to version 1.2.62

Upgrade Json Flattener to version 0.7.1

Upgrade Rest Assured to version 4.1.2

Upgrade Fabric8 Maven plugin to version 4.3.0

Upgrade Jgroups to version 4.1.6.Final

Upgrade vertx

CAMEL-13849 camel-atmos - Upgrade to Atmos client 3.x

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CAMEL-14037: Created camel-testcontainers-junit5 from camel-test-containers

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