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CAMEL-15222: Update migrate docs

CAMEL-15222: Update docs

Exception Clause documentation: Minimal grammar improvement

CAMEL-15212: Update upgrade guide about load custom type converters.

Update migration guide

Reorder the release guide section (#3930) (#3931)

Co-authored-by: Andrea Cosentino <>

Reorder the release guide section (#3930)

Fix typo: recieve -> receive

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CAMEL-15132: Camel default thread pool - Should be allow core threads to timeout

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Added some notes to migration guide for 3.4.0

CAMEL-15164: camel-lra-starter - Use same keys in auto configuration as camel-main: camel.service.lra -> camel.lra

CAMEL-15116: Fixed examples on error handler docs.

Feature/rest dsl header default (#3904)

* CAMEL-15163: Add support for defaulting headers on rest dsl.

* CAMEL-15163: Correct Unit Test for Default Header Override.

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Fixed link in camel-component-maven-plugin

Fixed link in camel-component-maven-plugin docs

camel-health - update docs

CAMEL-14886: Add docs about camel component maven plugin (#3898)

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Add a note about maven-archetypes to the docs

CAMEL-15139: camel-health - Add API for readiness/liveness

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camel-health - Update docs

camel-health - Add to upgrade guide

camel-health - Update docs

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REST DSL documentation update (#3875)

Corrected xml tags syntax in XML DSL

Added a note in the migration guide from 3.3 to 3.4 related to CAMEL-15121

CAMEL-14634: Add component-dsl doc (#3862)

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CAMEL-15043: Remove camel-archetype-java8 as we have regular java and it would be a bit confusing having 2 for java

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CAMEL-15084: Move health implementation in camel-base into camel-health

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CAMEL-15098 - camel-3x-upgrade-guide-3_4.adoc malformed

Updated the list of archetypes

CAMEL-15005: add migration instructions