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Added some notes to migration guide for 3.4.0

CAMEL-15164: camel-lra-starter - Use same keys in auto configuration as camel-main: camel.service.lra -> camel.lra

CAMEL-15116: Fixed examples on error handler docs.

Feature/rest dsl header default (#3904)

* CAMEL-15163: Add support for defaulting headers on rest dsl.

* CAMEL-15163: Correct Unit Test for Default Header Override.

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Fixed link in camel-component-maven-plugin

Fixed link in camel-component-maven-plugin docs

camel-health - update docs

CAMEL-14886: Add docs about camel component maven plugin (#3898)

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Add a note about maven-archetypes to the docs

CAMEL-15139: camel-health - Add API for readiness/liveness

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camel-health - Update docs

camel-health - Add to upgrade guide

camel-health - Update docs

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REST DSL documentation update (#3875)

Corrected xml tags syntax in XML DSL

Added a note in the migration guide from 3.3 to 3.4 related to CAMEL-15121

CAMEL-14634: Add component-dsl doc (#3862)

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CAMEL-15043: Remove camel-archetype-java8 as we have regular java and it would be a bit confusing having 2 for java

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CAMEL-15084: Move health implementation in camel-base into camel-health

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CAMEL-15098 - camel-3x-upgrade-guide-3_4.adoc malformed

Updated the list of archetypes

CAMEL-15005: add migration instructions

Replace the jmxremote.authenticate=false examples with password authentication

Camel 14878

Update camel-3-migration-guide.adoc

add formatting for renamed terser component.

[CAMEL-7810] Fix JdbcAggregationRepository optimistic locking feature (#3838)

Running JdbcAggregationRepository on a distributed environment (multiple independent

threads or multiple JVMs) we have silently dropped exchanges. This PR aims at introducing

a version identifier to avoid the lost update problem (overwrites when updating the

aggregate row) as stated by the OptimisticLockingAggregationRepository SPI.

Tested running 100 threads to aggregate 10k messages on MySQL 5.7 and PostgreSQL 11.5.

Co-authored-by: Federico Valeri <fvaleri@localhost>

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Update camel-3x-upgrade-guide-3_4.adoc



CAMEL-15077: camel-spring-boot - Remove actuator for endpoint details

Adding xml dsl for binding section (#3835)

Adding xml dsl for input and output binding to POJOs