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Doc update to use Since instead of Available as of

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CAMEL-13932: More cleanup

Cleans up headers, properly escapes non-attributes in `{...}` and links.

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CAMEL-13839: replace all NO-BREAK SPACE with SPACE

This replaces all NO-BREAK SPACE characters (UTF-8: 0xC2 0xA0) with

regular dull old space character (UTF-8: 0x20). This should help with

the URLs that lead with NO-BREAK SPACE being detected as URLs and render

properly by Asciidoctor.

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CAMEL-13792 - Rename components to default names, Camel-netty4-http to camel-netty-http - Fixed refs in camel-swagger-java

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CAMEL-13798: re-level all .adoc files

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Update deprecated method

`outTypeList` and `typeList` were deprecated.

CAMEL-13018: camel-swagger-java can now output swagger doc without JMX enabled for the current camel context.

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CAMEL-9751: Allow to configure swagger security requirements in generated swagger api docs in rest-dsl.

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CAMEL-12246 Replaced bad links with plain text, except for the files in camel-core/src/main/docs/eips/, which will be fixed later

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CAMEL-12038: Deprecate RestSwaggerServlet as people should not use that.

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Fixed doc

Fixed doc

Added camel-swagger-java docs to Gitbook

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