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CAMEL-13533: Ignoring XML related failing integration tests as salesforce unduly includes spaces in xml element name in answers

CAMEL-13336: update license headers

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Fixed CS for Camel-salesforce

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Fixed typos

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Fixed typos






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Move stuff around to isolate o.a.c.util from o.a.c and from o.a.c.impl

# Conflicts:

# camel-core/src/main/java/org/apache/camel/impl/

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Remove #toString calls on arguments of parameterized log messages.

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[CAMEL-12818] Remove deprecated stuff

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Fixed CS Camel-salesforce

[CAMEL-12780] Fixed tests

[CAMEL-12761] Fix indentation

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[CAMEL-12761] Switch to junit 4

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CAMEL-11803: Salesforce platform events

This adds support for consuming Salesforce platform events via the

CometD long polling mechanism used only for streaming PushTopic


For emitting platform events, preexisting `createSObject` operation can

be used.

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CAMEL-10452: Add an option to simulate SELECT *

This adds a simple `QueryHelper` utility class to generate SOQL queries

from `AbstractDescribedSObjectBase` instances, optionally filtering the

fields added to the query.

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CAMEL-12534: create camel-testcontainers

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CAMEL-12434: Future proof the Salesforce Limits API

Seems that we can't model the Limits as a map of Operation enum and

Usage DTO, as this makes it fragile if Salesforce renames or adds a

unsupported Operation. This makes the internal map type keyed by String

instead of the Operation enum to support those cases.

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CAMEL-12334: fix flaky test (2)

Change the timezone format in the test to match the formatter used in

the code.

CAMEL-12334: fix flaky test

Test was using timezone from local date and comparing it to a period

date in another offset due to DST.

CAMEL-12334: change defaults and add support fo...

...r OffsetTime

The new defaults when generating Salesforce DTOs are:

- java.time.ZonedDateTime for dateTime

- java.time.OffsetTime for time

- java.time.LocalDate for date

Even though some client code might break because of this change its easy

to use plugins `customTypes` parameter to use the old types.

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CAMEL-12334: unify date (de)serialization handling

This adds support for using any of the following date/time classes:

- java.util.Date

- java.time.Instant

- java.time.LocalDate

- java.time.ZonedDateTime

- java.time.OffsetDateTime

With this all usage of Jackson `ObjectMapper` and `XStream` instances

goes through the single utility method in `JsonUtils` or `XStreamUtils`

in order to register default serializers/deserializers/converters.

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CAMEL-12334: Mapped date to LocalDate and time to OffsetTime. Added properties to control the behavior

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CAMEL-12334: Mapped date to LocalDate and time to LocalTime

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CAMEL-12123: camel-salesforce - Http proxy supp...

...ort uses two inconsistent methods and is broken

To remain backward compatible both methods of configuring HTTP proxy

support in `camel-salesforce` are taken into account when configuring

the rest client.

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CAMEL-11637: Unable to assign null value to a S...

...alesforce object field

This adds endpoint and incoming message header parameter

`serializeNulls`, if set to `true` when using JSON data format `null`

values of data transfer objects will be serialized with the literal

`null` value.

For example, `Account` DTO with `description` field set to `null` will

be serialized as:


"name": "Acme",


"description": null,



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CAMEL-12085: Don't mandate header case for cust... Salesforce HTTP haders

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CAMEL-11919: Fixes if headers not given as String[]

If headers on the incoming message intended to be sent to Salesforce are

not specified as a String array, they will not be set on the HTTP

request. This adds explicit conversion instead of relying on conversion

of the header value.

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CAMEL-11995: Salesforce Composite API support

Adds support for third Composite resource, now we can support Batch,

Tree and plain "Composite" resource. Composite resource allows

generating a request of up to 25 possibly chained requests. Chaining is

performed by using references so response from a previous request can be

used in the subsequent request.

Bulk of the work was contributed by Spiliopoulos, Vassilis (ELS-CON)

<>, this polishes and rebases on the current


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CAMEL-11869: Upgrade mockito-core to 2.11.0 for camel-atmosphere-websocket, camel-salesforce-component and camel-script

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