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CAMEL-13336: update license headers

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Fixed CS for Camel-salesforce

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Fixed typos

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Fixed typos






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Move stuff around to isolate o.a.c.util from o.a.c and from o.a.c.impl

# Conflicts:

# camel-core/src/main/java/org/apache/camel/impl/

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Remove #toString calls on arguments of parameterized log messages.

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[CAMEL-12818] Remove deprecated stuff

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Fixed CS Camel-salesforce

[CAMEL-12780] Fixed tests

[CAMEL-12761] Fix indentation

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[CAMEL-12761] Switch to junit 4

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CAMEL-11803: Salesforce platform events

This adds support for consuming Salesforce platform events via the

CometD long polling mechanism used only for streaming PushTopic


For emitting platform events, preexisting `createSObject` operation can

be used.

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CAMEL-10452: Add an option to simulate SELECT *

This adds a simple `QueryHelper` utility class to generate SOQL queries

from `AbstractDescribedSObjectBase` instances, optionally filtering the

fields added to the query.

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CAMEL-12534: create camel-testcontainers

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CAMEL-12434: Future proof the Salesforce Limits API

Seems that we can't model the Limits as a map of Operation enum and

Usage DTO, as this makes it fragile if Salesforce renames or adds a

unsupported Operation. This makes the internal map type keyed by String

instead of the Operation enum to support those cases.

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CAMEL-12334: fix flaky test (2)

Change the timezone format in the test to match the formatter used in

the code.

CAMEL-12334: fix flaky test

Test was using timezone from local date and comparing it to a period

date in another offset due to DST.

CAMEL-12334: change defaults and add support fo...

...r OffsetTime

The new defaults when generating Salesforce DTOs are:

- java.time.ZonedDateTime for dateTime

- java.time.OffsetTime for time

- java.time.LocalDate for date

Even though some client code might break because of this change its easy

to use plugins `customTypes` parameter to use the old types.

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CAMEL-12334: unify date (de)serialization handling

This adds support for using any of the following date/time classes:

- java.util.Date

- java.time.Instant

- java.time.LocalDate

- java.time.ZonedDateTime

- java.time.OffsetDateTime

With this all usage of Jackson `ObjectMapper` and `XStream` instances

goes through the single utility method in `JsonUtils` or `XStreamUtils`

in order to register default serializers/deserializers/converters.

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CAMEL-12334: Mapped date to LocalDate and time to OffsetTime. Added properties to control the behavior

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CAMEL-12334: Mapped date to LocalDate and time to LocalTime

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CAMEL-12123: camel-salesforce - Http proxy supp...

...ort uses two inconsistent methods and is broken

To remain backward compatible both methods of configuring HTTP proxy

support in `camel-salesforce` are taken into account when configuring

the rest client.

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CAMEL-11637: Unable to assign null value to a S...

...alesforce object field

This adds endpoint and incoming message header parameter

`serializeNulls`, if set to `true` when using JSON data format `null`

values of data transfer objects will be serialized with the literal

`null` value.

For example, `Account` DTO with `description` field set to `null` will

be serialized as:


"name": "Acme",


"description": null,



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CAMEL-12085: Don't mandate header case for cust... Salesforce HTTP haders

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CAMEL-11919: Fixes if headers not given as String[]

If headers on the incoming message intended to be sent to Salesforce are

not specified as a String array, they will not be set on the HTTP

request. This adds explicit conversion instead of relying on conversion

of the header value.

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CAMEL-11995: Salesforce Composite API support

Adds support for third Composite resource, now we can support Batch,

Tree and plain "Composite" resource. Composite resource allows

generating a request of up to 25 possibly chained requests. Chaining is

performed by using references so response from a previous request can be

used in the subsequent request.

Bulk of the work was contributed by Spiliopoulos, Vassilis (ELS-CON)

<>, this polishes and rebases on the current


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CAMEL-11869: Upgrade mockito-core to 2.11.0 for camel-atmosphere-websocket, camel-salesforce-component and camel-script

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CAMEL-11919: Salesforce REST API request header...

...s not included in update,upsert,create and query operations

This allows setting Salesforce specific headers on the inbound Camel

message. Supported headers are those that start with `Sforce` or

`x-sfdc` and are need to be of a type that can be converted to a array

of String objects: either String, String[] or collection of String


Support has been added to set headers on all operations and it is up to

the client to set them in a manner that makes sense for the specific

operation and Salesforce object.

Correspondingly any response `Sforce` headers can now be retrieved from

the outbound message headers.

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