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CAMEL-10932 REST Swagger component

This includes the initial implementation of the `rest-swagger` component

that allows for a higher level abstraction over the REST API usage from

other Camel components that implement the `RestProducerFactory` SPI

combined with Swagger (Open API) specifications.

The most simple usage would be:


Which would pick up the Swagger specification from `swagger.json` and

try to find a single component that implements the `RestProducerFactory`

SPI and invoke the `getPetById` operation.

Other way of using this component could be:


That loads the Swagger specification from the

`` URL and invokes the

`getPetById` operation.

More concise way of configuring would be to configure most properties

on the component add it to CamelContext, and use only `operationId` path

parameter when triggering the exchange:

// add `petstore` component to the CamelContext

RestSwaggerComponent petstore =

new RestSwaggerComponent(camelContext);



camelContext.addComponent("petstore", petstore);

And then use `operationId` in endpoint definition:

ProducerTemplate template = camelContext.getProducerTemplate();

template.requestBodyAndHeaders("petstore:getPetById", null, "petId",


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