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CAMEL-13987: update keystores used in tests

This changes keystores used in tests:

- changes the type from JKS to PKCS12

- new RSA (2048 bit) key, used to be DSA

- certificate with "localhost" in Subject CN and SubjectAltName:DNS

- certificate valid for 1000 years

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fix the failing tests on the ci-server

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cleanups for camel-http4 to camel-http component renaming

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CAMEL-13792 - Rename components to default names, Camel-http4 to Camel-http

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[CAMEL-12814] Remove deprecated components

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CAMEL-11194 Upgrade Checkstyle and update rules

This reformats the license headers in files to their appropriate

definitions generated from `buildtools/header.txt`.

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CAMEL-10224: Upgrade log4j to lg4j2

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CAMEL-6192: Remove EnhancedThrowableRenderer from as it has a bug

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CAMEL-2608: Restoring old camel-http component.

git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68

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CAMEL-2608: Moving camel-http to camel-http4 directory (to make room so we can restore the old camel-http component)

git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68

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CAMEL-2608: Moving camel-http to camel-http4 to let Apache HTTP Client 4.x be in a new component.

git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68

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CAMEL-2499 fixed the https unit tests error on Mac OSX

git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68

CAMEL-1530: Upgraded camel-http to use HTTP Client 4.0.1. Huge thanks to Christian Mueller for the patch and hard work.

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Applied the svn properties on camel-spring camel-http

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Added log4j test file

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