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Simplify code

Cleaned up all the camel components, starting with "a".

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Camel-AWS SQS: Updated docs

CAMEL-13570 - Full regen

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CAMEL-13570 - Regen docs

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CAMEL-13570 - Default value for autoCreateQueue is true

CAMEL-13570 - Fixed CS

CAMEL-13570 - Camel AWS-SQS: Make the autocreation of the queue configurable

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CAMEL-13562 - Added docs

CAMEL-13562 - Fixed CS

CAMEL-13562 - Camel-AWS-SQS: Add an operation to list existing queues

Fixed CS

Camel-AWS SQS: Add a consumer integration test for deleteIfFiltered option

Do not use the deprecated uri field in @EndpointInject / @Consume / @Produce

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CAMEL-13460: camel3 - DefaultEndpoint - Should be singleton by default

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Camel-AWS SQS: Fixed the example related to filters JMS-selector-like

Camel-AWS SQS: Added operations list

Camel-AWS-SQS: Added some notes in docs, about DeduplicationStrategy and send batch messages operation

Camel-AWS-SQS: Fixed CS

Camel-AWS SQS: Added Integration test for AWS-SQS Batch Message to a Fifo Queue

Camel-AWS-SQS: Get back to list only queues when checking for connectivity


Camel-AWS-SQS: Better connectivity verification

CAMEL-13398 - Added docs for AWS-SQS

CAMEL-13398 - Camel-AWS-*: Lets adopt the same approach as CAMEL-12936 for all the components, camel-aws-sqs

Grammatical fixes

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Fixing AWS documentation links

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CAMEL-13336: update license headers

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