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added integration test for Amazon Kinesis Streams integration

CAMEL-11006 Auto generate REST DSL for Camel fr... Swagger2.0/OAI specification

This is initial work on REST DSL code|object generation from Swagger


Entry point to the implementation is RestDslGenerator::to...(...)

methods. Several options are provided for generating source files:

- for code generation in Maven plugin ones accepting Path or Appendable

should be suitable

- for generation in Annotation Processing ones accepting Filer are more


- and for generation of the object graph in runtime the one accepting

CamelContext is provided

Both the source code and object graph implementation depend on a

CodeEmitter implementation: one relying on reflection

(RestDefinitionEmitter) is used to generate the object graph, and the

one generating the source code for the RouteBuilder::configure method

body using the javapoet library (MethodBodySourceCodeEmitter).

CodeEmitter is driven by two visitor pattern implementations one

for processing path elements of the specification (RestDslPathGenerator)

and one for processing operation elements of he specification

(RestDslOperationGenerator). Both can be further adapted to support more

of the Swagger specification. I believe they map the currently used /

relevant parts of the Swagger specification covered by REST DSL.

Example of usage:





.generate(Paths.get("src", "generated"));

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Fixed CS. This closes #1568

Fixed CS. This closes #1568

Upgrade RX

Make camel-http4 the default for service-call as camel-http has been deprecated

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Fix service-call global configuration

CAMEL-11070: camel-aws - SQS allow to configure AWS hostname.

CAMEL-10735: deprecate camel-http. Update some titles/docs and polished.

initial commit of camel-pubnub component

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CAMEL-11068 Remove deprecated usage from Salesf...

...orce component

Replaced deprecated usage and removed EndpointCompleter implementation.

CAMEL-11066 Make salesforce authentication opti...

...ons simpler to configure

This improves the documentation of component properties and adds

documentation about authentication options.

change the while loop to a do/while loop to fix async startup

CAMEL-10141: add Java 9 flags to support the maven-war-plugin on Java 9 when building camel-example-reportincident module

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CAMEL-10141: make camel-example-validator-spring-boot tests pass on Java 9

CAMEL-10141: make camel-example-spring-boot-rest-jpa tests pass on Java 9

CAMEL-10141: make camel-example-transformer-demo tests pass on Java 9

CAMEL-10141: make camel-example-reportincident tests pass on Java 9

CAMEL-10141: make camel-example-spring-boot tests pass on Java 9

CAMEL-10141: make camel-blueprint integration tests pass on Java 9

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CAMEL-10141: make camel-archetype-scr unit tests pass on Java 9


CAMEL-10141: make camel-ruby unit tests pass on Java 9

CAMEL-10141: upgrade maven-scr-plugin for Java 9 support

CAMEL-11024: service call eip: add an option to add additional configurations via spring-boot properties

Fixing checkstyle

One of this days I'll learn to do -Psourcecheck before pushing

CAMEL-10938 Camel Salesforce : add an option to...

...retrieve login information for testing purpose from env var or

system properties

This introduces `authenticationType` Salesforce component property that

can be used to force, as opposed auto-determine authentication flow the

component should perform.

It ties into the integration tests setup as it enables tests to be run

with any supported authentication type.

More to the point of the initial JIRA, this change enables configuring

the integration tests using environment variables, Java system

properties or the established `` file.

The syntax in the `` has changed

slightly to better accomodate the environment variable syntax: camelcase

was dropped in favor of dot notation.

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Fixes reported checkstyle errors.

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Clean pom.xml

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