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Update camel-opentracing readme to describe three ways for configuration.

CAMEL-11061: service call eip: add an option to set global defaults

Build new Camel Olingo4 component

Regen docs

Upgrade Joda-time to version 2.9.9

CAMEL-10885 Ported log-eip.adoc from confluence and added logEipMask option

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CAMEL-10885 Expose via JMX property and command

added documentation and test case

added keepAliveDelay URI param to prevent premature exit

CAMEL-11043: ServiceCall : allow to use placeholders for name, uri, etc

CAMEL-11058: Remove OData 3.0 version info from the camel-olingo2 component

CAMEL-11028: Avoid duplicating content-type headers for camel-spark-rest

CAMEL-11028: Avoid duplicating content-type headers for camel-spark-rest

CAMEL-10877: service-call eip : add a spring-cloud example

CAMEL-11056: Update camel-olingo4 component doc

Fix CS

CAMEL-11057: Undertow Producer : NPE if tryConvertTo fails to convert exchange body to ByteBuffer

Add javadoc for VerifiableComponent

CAMEL-11055: Ping Check API - Allow to use lower case scopes

CAMEL-11056: Create new camel-olingo4 component for supporting OData 4.0

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CAMEL-10735: deprecate stuff

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CAMEL-10936 Salesforce Login exception: the err...

...or code is not reported properly

RestError's `errorCode` is now set from the `error` property of the


CAMEL-11053 camel-undertow - Compile error

This could be related to JDK-8051402[1], the change makes the types more



Revert "CAMEL-11048 Jetty Producer always uses "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" header"

This reverts commit 99e506e312aac6a235ea9fc7f7120f9832ec9a6e.

Revert "Corrected formatting issues"

This reverts commit 1f7b09fb7205593fc6fa8d2450a701bb053b7da5.

CAMEL-10735: deprecate stuff in OSGi

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batch consumer will create new sessions instead of bailing out now

Corrected formatting issues

Change-Id: I614a4c87a6b1295bd8a5076e7e8ea8d6cd318ad2