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CAMEL-10885 A follow-up - masking formatter should be applied in all process()

Cleaned up the Salesforce component documentation

Fix CS

Fix test cases

Fix CS

Fix missing return

CAMEL-11054 Create SPI for Log EIP to enable other components to intercept/enrich logged messages

CAMEL-11044-create list with a single element instead of creating list with asList

CAMEL-11095 Enumerate all OperationName in @Uri...

...Path of operationName

This adds all supported operation names to the `enums` parameter of the

`@UriPath` parameter of the `operationName` field, and thus makes the

values that end up in the Camel Catalog match the values the component

expects. Up to now, the enum constants from `OperationName` would be

added to the catalog which is different from what the component expects

as the component expects the value in the `value` field of the

`OperationName` enum.

[CAMEL-11093] NPE when defaultValueProvider not given

Upgrade RxJava to version 2.0.8

Upgrade Kubernetes client to version 2.2.8

Fix CS

Upgrade Cassandra driver to version 3.2.0

CAMEL-11052-wsimport compatibility

CAMEL-10807: Create camel-reactor component

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CAMEL-11006 Auto generate REST DSL for Camel fr... Swagger2.0/OAI specification

Refactored `directRouteGenerator` to `destinationGenerator` in remaining

places. Refactored `Function<Operation, String>` to

`DestinationGenerator` makes for nicer interface.

CAMEL-11092 If setting Exchange.REST_HTTP_URI t...

...he RestProducer should remove Exchange.HTTP_PATH header

As most HTTP components generate URIs by concatenating

`Exchange.REST_HTTP_URI` and `Exchange.HTTP_PATH` when the REST producer

generates `Exchange.REST_HTTP_URI` header that contains the whole URI to

be used it should remove the `Exchange.HTTP_PATH` header in order to

prevent incorrect URIs.

For example `Exchange.HTTP_PATH` is set by the REST consumer to

`/api/pet/123`, and REST producer is configured with

`Exchange.REST_HTTP_URI` with URI `/api/pet/{petId}` if the

`Exchange.HTTP_PATH` is not removed HTTP component (IMHO all except for

Restlet) would try to send the request to `/api/pet/{petId}/api/pet/123`

CAMEL-11091 REST Swagger handling of empty spec...


The specificatonUri for endpoint URIs starting with `#` in the remaining

part of the URI (i.e. `rest-swagger:#getPetById`) now default to


CAMEL-11090 Add trimToNull method to StringHelper

CAMEL-11006 Auto generate REST DSL for Camel fr... Swagger2.0/OAI specification

Refactored `directRouteGenerator` to `destinationGenerator` and made

`RestDslDefinitionGenerator` public -- otherwise it could not be used.

Polished ComponentVerifier interface

The following major changes are suggested:

* Using of interfaces and class constants instead of string constants for error fields. This has the advantage of being typesafe but still extensible (custom fields can be easily added)

* Renamed Error to VerificationError as it conflicts with java.lang.Error which is allways imported

* Documentation to the interface

* Consolidation of provided constants, together with @lburgazzoli

* Adapted the using components (mainly http, http4, twitter, salesforce)

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Component Verifier: add parameters validation test for camel-http4

Component Verifier: fix wrong scheme for camel-http4

Fix cyclic dependency issue

ComponentVerifier: add parameters validation test for camel-http

Fix camel-olingo4 pom

Fix camel-twitter inconsistent use of error codes and constants

CAMEL-11073: camel-rest - Spring boot option named c-o-r-s

Translate List<PropertyDefinition> to Map<String, String> in spring-boot configuration classes