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Merge pull request #3180 from massic80/patch-1

Correct URL for the example

Correct URL for the example

Upgrade Jgroups to version 4.1.5.Final

Regen docs

Camel-Kubernetes: Configmap example and typos

Regen docs

Camel-Kubernetes: Adding examples deployments docs

Regen docs

Camel-Kubernetes: Adding some docs for Kubernetes configmap consumer

Camel-Kubernetes: Use logger in Configmap consumer Integration test

Regen docs

Camel-Kubernetes: Adding some examples of configmaps Producer operations

Regen docs for Camel-Pulsar on the website side

Camel-Pulsar: Regen

Camel-Pulsar: Fixed CS

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CAMEL-14001 - Camel-Pulsar: Add MessageRoutingMode and MessageRouter option to producer, messageRouter option

CAMEL-14001 - Camel-Pulsar: Add MessageRoutingMode and MessageRouter option to producer, messageRouting mode option

CAMEL-13982: Handle gauge metrics not being reusable



CAMEL-13961: camel-xslt - The option allowStAX is now default false as not XSLT libraries support this out of the box.


CAMEL-13997: Fix checkstyle issue

CAMEL-13997: ProxyProtocolTest not releasing ac...

...quired ByteBuf

This adds the same reference count checks as the other tests that derive

from `BaseNettyTest` have to make sure that any issues with reference

counting is caught early in the test and resolves the issue with

allocated ByteBuff from the NettyConverter::toByteBuffer triggered from

ProxyProtocolTest::upercase processor.

Add Yupiik in the commercial support page

CAMEL-13977: Expose additional Camel metrics from MicroProfile metrics component

- Added additional camel metrics

- Improved metric & tag names

- Removed redundant metric tags

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CAMEL-13991: camel-main - Configuring component options with #class dont work

CAMEL-13987: use PKCS12 instead of JKS

This fixes one omission from 719bc6a30da41ee5621201190b62af976d96df0b to

use the proper keystore type.

CAMEL-13990: Change from ERROR to WARN for the schema name message

Signed-off-by: Omar Al-Safi <>

Camel-Kubernetes: Fixed CS