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added get functions for day-time-duration and year-month-duration

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Merge branch 'asterix_lsm_stabilization' into jarodwen/hotfix363

cleanup type casting code

coredump functionality checkpoint:2

merge asterix_lsm_stabilization

altering build logging level to WARNING (from INFO); note that this would omit messages (Executed test....blah) which are logged at INFO. If you feel strongly for a different default log level, please share your opinion

merge fullstack_lsm_staging

Merge branch 'asterix_lsm_stabilization' of into yingyi/asterix_beta_fix

fix issue343

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missed a file to commit

1) modification to remove unnecessary environment variables (cc_java_opts/nc_java_opts) 2) changed option name for alter command 3) removed java_opts parameter from cluster configuration xml

support for coredump: checkpoint 1

added more test cases for temporal primary keys

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added code to enable temporal instance key on date, time, datetime, year-month-duration and day-time-duration; metadata test should be double checked as it cannot pass now

added year-month-duration and day-time-duration types

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Committing the following:- 1) integration tests for managix 2) support for configurable parameters in Asterix 3) refactoring of test cases (removing code duplication

added default values for configurable parameters

1) removed node reachability test 2) modified integration test to shutdown zookeeper prior to beginning tests

changes to 1) fix Issue 379: DDL transaction model broken and 2) cleanup and deliver all thrown exception to the caller(reviewed by Raman)

Merge branch 'fullstack_lsm_staging' into salsubaiee/fullstack_lsm_staging_asterix_issue_367

Merge branch 'asterix_lsm_stabilization' into salsubaiee/asterix_lsm_stabilization_issue_367.

merge from asterix_lsm_stabilization

Merge branch 'asterix_lsm_stabilization' of into yingyi/asterix_beta_fix

fix for issue 350

added log messages for LSM index flushes and merges

support for configurable parameters for an asterix instance (part2)

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made the transaction log directory configurable

support for configurable parameters for an asterix instance

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Clear buffer after each new write.

Log update and ddl responses.