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checkin the fixed bulk reload for Sattam to debug

fix parameters

Changed the comparators that the lsm btree uses to consider the fields length.

for sattam to debug

Fixed a divison by zero exception when cardinality of bloom filter is 0.

fix the BF key fields

change the test case

Merge branch 'master' into yingyi/fullstack_fix

check in lsm support and test for sattam to debug

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rename dataset from PartSupp to Partsupp (as it is called in the other tests)

formatting fixes

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Fixing issue 536 - change jaccard-similarity function to support unordered list as its second parameter

merge master

modify to have exactly the same contents as the one in up-to-date master branch

fixed issue 531

merge up-to-date master to jimahn/master_invix_internal_renaming

Merge branch 'master' into jimahn/master_invix_internal_renaming

Pass absolute directoey info to the lsm indexes.

LSM-indexes are now unaware of io devices. Absolute directory info is passed to the index.

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Removes unused scripts

Adds bigger datasets for social data

Merge branch 'eugenia/asterix_sdk_stable' into eugenia/black_cherry_stable



Merge branch 'master' into eugenia/black_cherry_stable

revised documentation for Managix (part2)

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revised Managix documenation

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revised Managix documenation

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Merge branch 'master' into salsubaiee/master_fix_issue_500

Re-enabled a test case since now loading an empty file into a dataset is acceptable since the index is still empty.

Delete the artifacts of a loaded component if it turn out to be an empty load.

Addressed code review comments.

Addressed code review comments.