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Fixed two hidden bugs in the LSM inverted index that were surfaced after fixing asterix issue 500.

adding missing file

merged raman/asterix_lsm_stabilization_udfs

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removed obsolete file

fixed integration tests for external library/UDFs

add a note to explain the conflict between 2 '}'s and '}}'

Fixed a copy paste bug.

Prevented bulkloading an lsm index if it is not empty.

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Creating a branch for changes required for VXQuery. This commit includes the patch for issue 99.


Fix for issue 534.

revert tests to use unix config files

use appassembler to generate booters

use File.separator instead of /; only delete transaction logs before test starts, not after

synchronize start and stop methods for datasetlifecyclemanager

ensure that index is closed after use

close log files before trying to delete them


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Exterminated bugs with the fire of a thousand angry suns.

SDK Review: Code cleanup

SDK Review Feedback: Adds SDK Connection Bridge

SDK Review Feedback: Fix ReturnClause and TinySocial 8 bug


code cleanup for adaptors/factories

code cleanup for adaptors/factories

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code cleanup for adaptors/factories