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Modify all the plans to use ONE_TO_ONE_EXCHANGE for result distribution operator.

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Add additional ignores to test debug output directories.

Comment out the tests that use local_* and global_* aggregation functions.

Do not track build and asterix_logs generated directories.

LinkedHashMap should be synchronized on external monitors, not the same object.

Write debug information for each operation in the Dataset Partition Manager.

De-init the state only if the state for a partition was initialized at all on this node controller.

Force global aggregation operator to run on only one partition.

integration test for external library deploymenti/usage: checkpoint 1

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Use updated hyracks version.

Create pages for result distribution on-demand.

Do not track ClusterControllerService directory.

Use the ResultSetDomain for partitioning for result distribution.

This effectively adds ONE_TO_ONE_EXCHANGE always to the operator.

Remove the usage of nodeName in result set related classes and do not define a partition constraint for result distribution operator.

Add ClusterControllerService and test generated debug files directory to gitignore.

Do not provide partition constraints for result distribution operator, it must run on all the partitions where the previous operator ran.

Implement the domain class for result distribution.

integration tests for asterix lifecycle mgmt via Managix

removing duplicacy in command listing

instrumented LSM RTree with modification operation callbacks

instrumented LSM RTree with modification operation callbacks

adding integration tests to managix: checkpoint

Modified the search callbacks to properly use instant locks.

Modified the search for the lsm-btree to do properly use instant locks.

fixing a test case

modified test cases to account for newly introduced library dataset

checkpoint 1

checkpoint 1

configurable asterix properties

reflected code review comments and set the default group commit wait period to 200, but still build test setting is 1 millisec from file

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