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fix IIndexAccessor interface, add a boolean exclusiveMode parameter for the createSearchCursor method

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fix file write race condition

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cleanup pregelix job context

add pagerank multi-job test

fix the duplicate jobid issue

support multiple concurrent jobs

turn the default configuration to be variable-sized vertex

disable in-place update for variable-sized updates

use in-place update for smaller sized updates

fix in-place update

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fix the issue found by Genomix P4 algorithm

make update tests more extensive

Merge branch 'master' into yingyi/fullstack_fix

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add update test

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fix the shortestpaths input format

improve the performance of the reachability vertex and the shortest paths vertex

Allowed user to specify the merging policy

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fix raw binary comparator

fix raw normalized key computer

use raw binary comparator internally for pregelix

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revise benchmark input/output format

checkpoint: added support on running aggregation using group-by runtime. Aggregator interface is also updated in order to handle both accumulating and running aggregation.

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revise pregelix-benchmark

support both quick sort and merge sort as in-memory sort algorithms, but merge sort is the default one

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fix the cache miss problem in the sort merge reader

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lower the hearbeat setting for tests

address Vinayak's code review comments

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avoid input stream abstraction for vlong's comparator

make failure-recovery work in multi-JVM test

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set the test checkpointing peroid to be 2