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Added LSM component-level filters for all indexes.

Change-Id: I898cf885c9f88feae85c99799a00fd8ec036efea


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Yingyi Bu <>

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Several major changes in hyracks: -- reduced CC/NC communications for reporting partition request and availability; partition request/availability are only reported for the case of send-side materialized (without pipelining) policies in case of task re-attempt. -- changed buffer cache to dynamically allocate memory based on needs instead of pre-allocating -- changed each network channel to lazily allocate memory based on needs, and changed materialized connectors to lazily allocate files based on needs -- changed several major CCNCCFunctions to use non-java serde -- added a sort-based group-by operator which pushes group-by aggregations into an external sort -- make external sort a stable sort

1,3,and 4 is to reduce the job overhead.

2 is to reduce the unecessary NC resource consumptions such as memory and files.

5 and 6 are improvements to runtime operators.

One change in algebricks:

-- implemented a rule to push group-by aggregation into sort, i.e., using the sort-based gby operator

Several important changes in pregelix:

-- remove static states in vertex

-- direct check halt bit without deserialization

-- optimize the sort algorithm by packing yet-another 2-byte normalized key into the tPointers array

Change-Id: Id696f9a9f1647b4a025b8b33d20b3a89127c60d6


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Till Westmann <>

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LSM Rtree Optimization

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fix issue 130 thanks to patch from Till

Ensure batchSize is at least 1 in all cases

Ensure batchSize > 0 even when running with very many CPU cores

Merge branch 'master' into pouria/fix-memory






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Fixing Methods signature

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added ability to trigger an application state dump through the rest api

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fix IIndexAccessor interface, add a boolean exclusiveMode parameter for the createSearchCursor method

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Optimized search and split of the btree for monotonically increasing keys.

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Adding required method to TestCtx

Modified tests parameters.

Added another debugging parameters.

Added debugging parameters.

try to fix memory leak issue

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Implemented k-buffering for lsm indexes. Also add a fix for issues 589 and 594.

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revise an index test for the new exception

merge from zheilbron/hyracks_msr

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let inserting duplicate keys become a NoOp instead of throwing exceptions which fail the job

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Merged master

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Delete the artifacts of a loaded component if it turn out to be an empty load.

Addressed code review comments.

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Pass a boolean argument to the bulkload to decides if checking for an empty index is needed.

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Prevented bulkloading an lsm index if it is not empty.

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add/update license headers

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activating/deactivating an index multiple times now throws error

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Orchestrated the use of executors and thread factory and added buffer cache core dump.

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Fix for issue 450.

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added IVirtualBufferCacheProvider interface; fixed bug in VBC; add reference counts to VBC open/close methods; give unique virtual file names in lsm indices

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Passing bloom filter parameters to the LSM indexes.

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