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Change-Id: Id5d6917db8ab29aa01521596f556006e25a502fe


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Continue Cleaning Up File References and Splits

1. Make FileSplit an abstract class with two subclasses;

Managed and Unmanaged. A Managed FileSplit can be mapped

in a new subclass MappedFileSplit that maps a relative path to an

IO device. UnmanagedFileSplit is for files outside the io devices.

2. Remove all usages of absolute paths in file split in test cases. The

only remaining place is the write statement.

3. Fix some of the hidden issues in the tests that were working because

of our use of the absolute paths.

4. Revert the decision of selecting the IO device to the CC.

Change-Id: I166af8f9b3a2257f94d7b05db94888fb7cb4c79e


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

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Reviewed-by: abdullah alamoudi <>

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Cleanup FileSplit and FileReference

This change gives FileSplit and FileReference specific meaning to

avoid confusion of an absolute vs relative, local vs global, inside

an IO device vs outside IO devices.

In addition, it enables better abstraction of global partitions and

delegate the responsibility of choosing which partition goes to which

IO device to the IO Manager through the introduction of FileDeviceComputer

In details:

Previously, the LocalResource in Hyracks had partition (storage partition)

and there is no such thing in Hyracks. This scope leak is bad. In addition

The local resource had a name and a path. they were always the same and so

the name was removed.

The storage partition was instead moved to asterixdb implementation of the

serialized object in the local resource.

With all of these changes, the cluster controller (compiler) only needs to

know about partitions and relative paths. It doesn't need to worry about

heterogenous Node setups and different io device configurations. For File

assignment to IO devices, a new interface (IFileDeviceComputer) was

introduced which can be overriden by applications to have their own

strategy for distributing files among IO devices.

Change-Id: I4fac508bf9af5a3bed41a3cf4464d2cbfecf2f61


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Integration-Tests: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: abdullah alamoudi <>

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