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[ASTERIXDB-1280][TEST] JUnit cleanup

- user model changes: no

- storage format changes: no

- interface changes: no

Change-Id: I2a57643682d45097ae5ac4adc1fe97fbb3111385


Sonar-Qube: Jenkins <>

Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Contrib: Jenkins <>

Integration-Tests: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Michael Blow <>

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Introduce MessagingNetworkManager for NC2NC AppMessaging

This change introduces MessagingNetworkManager to NodeControllerService.

The MessagingNetworkManager is used to open channels that are used for NC2NC

application messaging. The read and write interfaces of the messaging channels

are set by a MessagingChannelInterfaceFactory which is set by the application.

Change-Id: I5c0bd7c11c1e78954ebceff49cb274d8073a64bd


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Integration-Tests: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Murtadha Hubail <>

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Move Hyracks to subfolder

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