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Subset hive-exec, make twitter4j a provided dep.

Change-Id: Iee4276f540ec8552181bfb452882654b5faa17df


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Runtime ErrorCode fix in external data

1. Refactored most of the exceptions in external-data package to use


2. This change only covers RuntimeDataException/HyracksDataExcetion.

3. Refactor errorcode names

Change-Id: Ida810a56bf4aef1394879f088a6a5e8f82c60b74


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Reviewed-by: Yingyi Bu <>

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ASTERIXDB-1711: remove some more Aql-prefixes

Change-Id: I041341fe76e9338b7c568a9eacaf826f8fa0ed46


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Reviewed-by: Till Westmann <>

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Cleanup FileSplit and FileReference

This change gives FileSplit and FileReference specific meaning to

avoid confusion of an absolute vs relative, local vs global, inside

an IO device vs outside IO devices.

In addition, it enables better abstraction of global partitions and

delegate the responsibility of choosing which partition goes to which

IO device to the IO Manager through the introduction of FileDeviceComputer

In details:

Previously, the LocalResource in Hyracks had partition (storage partition)

and there is no such thing in Hyracks. This scope leak is bad. In addition

The local resource had a name and a path. they were always the same and so

the name was removed.

The storage partition was instead moved to asterixdb implementation of the

serialized object in the local resource.

With all of these changes, the cluster controller (compiler) only needs to

know about partitions and relative paths. It doesn't need to worry about

heterogenous Node setups and different io device configurations. For File

assignment to IO devices, a new interface (IFileDeviceComputer) was

introduced which can be overriden by applications to have their own

strategy for distributing files among IO devices.

Change-Id: I4fac508bf9af5a3bed41a3cf4464d2cbfecf2f61


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avoid some exception wrapping

Change-Id: Ia8fff04c314eb146ce0a73beb0b8ec412cb2d280


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Add Asterix Extension Manager

More extension support is added. A user can now provide implementations

for the IExtension interface which will give them more control over

the behavior of the system and give them the ability to add custom


Initial customizations include:

1. Metadata Tuple Translators

2. Metadata Datasets

3. Query Translators

4. Statement Handlers

5. Lang Compilation Provider

Change-Id: I280268495cc3aad00f898cba21f7299f7120ce5c


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Reviewed-by: Till Westmann <>

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Reviewed-by: Yingyi Bu <>

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ASTERIXDB-1228: Add MISSING into the data model.

1. MISSING repsents the value of a non-existing field in a record

or an out-of-bound index access of a collection;

2. NULL represents that the value of an optional field in a record

is unknown or the value of existing collection entry is unknown.

3. Unit tests for all missing/null-in-missing/null-out scalar functions.

Change-Id: Ia49ed8474bfc5d6604231819065117468c5b0897


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Reviewed-by: Till Westmann <>

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Deadlock-free locking protocol is enabled

- Added EntityCommitProfiler class in file:

This profiler takes a report interval (in seconds) parameter and

reports entity level commit count every report interval (in seconds)

only if IS_PROFILE_MODE is set to true. The profiler runs in a separate

thread. However, the profiler thread doesn't start reporting the count

until the entityCommitCount > 0. The profiler can be used to measure

1) IPS (Inserts Per Second) and

2) IIPS (instantaneous IPS) for the every report interval.

Change-Id: Ie58ae2f519baa53599e99b51bd61ea5f8366dafd


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Reviewed-by: Murtadha Hubail <>

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