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[ASTERIXDB-1753][SQL] Disable auto-plural for group-by.

- user model changes: do not perform auto-scalar-to-plural

transition for variables that are defined prior to a group-by

group clause after the group-by clause.

- storage format changes: no

- interface changes: no


- migrated existing test queries that use auto-plural;

- added a negative test query.

Change-Id: I5d6383fc7453fe7537fc291c3483708b59df3871


Reviewed-by: Dmitry Lychagin <>

Sonar-Qube: Jenkins <>

Integration-Tests: Jenkins <>

Tested-by: Jenkins <>

BAD: Jenkins <>

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ASTERIXDB-1539: add aliases for several builtin types and builtin functions.

- tinyint for int8;

- smallint for int16;

- integer(or, int) for int32;

- bigint for int64;

- year_month_duration for year-month-duration;

- day_time_duration for day-time-duration;

- timestamp for datetime;

- double precision for double;

int8, int16, int32, int64, year-month-duration and day-time-duration

is going to be deprecated.

In addition, it

- converts underscores to hypens for SQL++ functions;

- uses "array_" prefix for builtin aggregation functions.

Change-Id: I5c4a933f9775e89c2d503d9ea1cb98c5934d1475


Sonar-Qube: Jenkins <>

Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Integration-Tests: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Yingyi Bu <>

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Clean up GROUP BY and WITH clause.

- fix ASTERIXDB-971, i.e., the expression to plan translator for FLWOGR without a "for";

- fix the scoping for nested WITH clause;

- fix the scoping for nested GROUP BY clause;

- fix default fields in group variables;

- fix/unify the expression substition AST visitor;

- enhance RemoveUnusedAssignAndAggregateRule to be able to remove unused GROUP BY

decoration varaibles;

- clearly sperate SQL++ aggregate functions and SQL-92 aggregate functions, i.e.,

SQL-92 aggregate sugars cannot apply to SQL++ aggregate functions;

- fix PushAggregateIntoGroupbyRule for nested plan deletions;

- enhance RemoveCartesianProductWithEmptyBranchRule;

- add ExtractGroupByDecorVariablesRule;

- add an aggregate function first-element;

- fix ASTERIXDB-1560, an error message issue.

Change-Id: I62fca7f937aa007d97ed87c75cef19f6aa3e5ade


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Integration-Tests: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Till Westmann <>

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Change-Id: I7e4008d97f0d3a92816b90492dd8c887b05bac27


Reviewed-by: Jenkins <>

Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Yingyi Bu <>

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ASTERIXDB-1228: Add MISSING into the data model.

1. MISSING repsents the value of a non-existing field in a record

or an out-of-bound index access of a collection;

2. NULL represents that the value of an optional field in a record

is unknown or the value of existing collection entry is unknown.

3. Unit tests for all missing/null-in-missing/null-out scalar functions.

Change-Id: Ia49ed8474bfc5d6604231819065117468c5b0897


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Till Westmann <>

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ASTERIXDB-1383: reduce the number of lines for "AS".

Change-Id: Ic655bf25701f33230787d175b78bedc489909cb0


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Till Westmann <>

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