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[ASTERIXDB-2672][API] Change the valid values for "format" request parameter

- user model changes: yes

- storage format changes: no

- interface changes: no


- Allowed values for "format" request parameter: json, csv, adm.

- Recognizable format values in "Accept":






Test framework changes:

- ResultExtractor: if the OutputFormat is json/lossless-json, print the "result"

field of the response similar to how adm would be printed, one json value

per line (and using same spacing).

- Changed some queries that use "EXPLAIN SELECT..." and specify OutputFormat as JSON.

The queries extension is ".plans.sqlpp". "param optimized-logical-plan:string=true"

is specified in those queries to print the logical plan in the "plans" field of

the response.

- added "// compareunorderedarray=true" for test quries that use .regexjson to compare

one json value against another where the order of elements in a json array is not


- TestExecutor: OutputFormat.LOSSLESS_JSON & OutputFormat.CSV_HEADER formats are set

in the "Accept". Otherwise, the desired format is set in the "format" request

parameter as usual.

- TestHelper: changed "equalJson()" to allow comparing json array in two modes.

- Removed some test cases that used to set mime types in the "format" request parameter

since now it's not allowed to do so.

Change-Id: Ie3c7a35446322c2d97679e7e724b9778e2a4ba83


Contrib: Jenkins <>

Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Integration-Tests: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Ali Alsuliman <>

Reviewed-by: Murtadha Hubail <>

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[NO ISSUE][API] added parse-only request parameter

- user model changes: parse-only request parameter has been added

- storage format changes: no

- interface changes: no


- Support for new request parameter named parse-only;

Returns as result an object with single key-value pair.

The key is statement-parameters and the is a sorted array

containing positional and named free parameters.

- Added test cases

Change-Id: Idd2f461c22b05a5fcaa50a6e4f9b7dcd91acc184


Sonar-Qube: Jenkins <>

Tested-by: Till Westmann <>

Integration-Tests: Jenkins <>

Contrib: Jenkins <>

Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Till Westmann <>

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