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[ASTERIXDB-2170][SQL] Fix resolution order of implicit field access

- user model changes: yes

- storage format changes: no

- interface changes: no


- Improved name resolution rules

- Resolve field access to the nearest variable in scope

instead of raising compile-time error

- Do not rely on type information when resolving names

- Cleanup group variable handling in GroupBy clause,

no longer use ‘with’ map for it

- Fix ByNameToByIndexFieldAccessRule to use type environment

of its input operator when analyzing its expression

- Fix ExternalGroupByPOperator to use input schema of its

aggregate function when generating runtime for that function

- Fix invalid free variable computation for GroupBy clause

Change-Id: I50bc823ff53da06507a5454b30f4f500b862d4bf


Integration-Tests: Jenkins <>

Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Dmitry Lychagin <>

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Support rebalancing all datasets or a given dataverse.

Change-Id: Iad2740fd53b36bf122fd469beeca759d887e40fb


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

BAD: Jenkins <>

Integration-Tests: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: abdullah alamoudi <>

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