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ASTERIXDB-1556, ASTERIXDB-1733: Hash Group By and Hash Join conform to the memory budget

- External Hash Group By and Hash Join now conform to the memory budget (compiler.groupmemory and compiler.joinmemory)

- For Optimzed Hybrid Hash Join, we calculate the expected hash table size when the build phase is done and

try to spill one or more partitions if the freespace can't afford the hash table size.

- For External Hash Group By, the number of hash entries (hash table size) is calculated based on

an estimation of the aggregated tuple size and possible hash values for the given field size in that tuple.

- Garbage Collection feature has been added to SerializableHashTable. For external hash group-by,

whenever we spill a data partition to the disk, we also check the ratio of garbage in the hash table.

If it's greater than the given threshold, we conduct a GC on Hash Table.

Change-Id: I2b323e9a2141b4c1dd1652a360d2d9354d3bc3f5


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Reviewed-by: Yingyi Bu <>

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Supports flexible degree of parallelism.

Detailed list of changes include:

- Add the IClusterInfoCollector interface and feed that to the compiler;

- Add the number of cores into the heartbeat;

- Add partition calculation in APIFramework;

- Fix partitioning property requirements in binary operators such as Join and UnionAll;

- Fix PushSubplanIntoGroupByRule for type propagation;

- Fix InlineLeftNtsInSubplanJoinFlatteningVisitor for the returned top join operator;

- Add unit test for partition calculation in APIFrameworkTest

- Add integration test SqlppExecutionFullParallelismIT, SqlppExecutionLessParallelismIT,

AqlExecutionFullParallelismIT, and AqlExecutionLessParallelismIT for different

parallelism settings;

- Refactor AQLExecutionTest and SqlppExecutionTest;

- Separate one cluster state test out from AqlExecutionTest.

Change-Id: If70faf52bed995c7098cc343f2fabd1b6c8d96e7


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

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Integration-Tests: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Till Westmann <>

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