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Supports flexible degree of parallelism.

Detailed list of changes include:

- Add the IClusterInfoCollector interface and feed that to the compiler;

- Add the number of cores into the heartbeat;

- Add partition calculation in APIFramework;

- Fix partitioning property requirements in binary operators such as Join and UnionAll;

- Fix PushSubplanIntoGroupByRule for type propagation;

- Fix InlineLeftNtsInSubplanJoinFlatteningVisitor for the returned top join operator;

- Add unit test for partition calculation in APIFrameworkTest

- Add integration test SqlppExecutionFullParallelismIT, SqlppExecutionLessParallelismIT,

AqlExecutionFullParallelismIT, and AqlExecutionLessParallelismIT for different

parallelism settings;

- Refactor AQLExecutionTest and SqlppExecutionTest;

- Separate one cluster state test out from AqlExecutionTest.

Change-Id: If70faf52bed995c7098cc343f2fabd1b6c8d96e7


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