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Change-Id: I8fcf41c009f9faf51bc8bccc0c3c7217b7769149

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Introducing Data Replication To AsterixDB

This change includes the following:

- Add data replication properties to cluster properties and Managix validate command.

- Introduce Data Replication components.

- Add data replication required fields to LogRecord.

- Specialized LogManager for data replication.

- Fix for invalid cluster state on nodes failure.

- ASTERIXDB-139: Fix for cleaning workspace files on startup/shutdown.

- Fix for temp datasets storage reclamation.

- Allow MetadataNode rebinding with CC.

- Add flag to checkpoint to identify sharp checkpoints.

- ASTERIXDB-1170: Fix shutdown sequence

Change-Id: I729fdd1144dbc9ff039b4bc414494860d7553810


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Young-Seok Kim <>

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