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Change folder structure for Java repackage

Change only the folders, not the files, for our package name change.

This will break the build, and needs to be followed by a change to

the package name in all of the source files. However performing

the folder move and file change in two steps lets Git understand

that the files are the same, and lets us track revisions across

those files.

Change-Id: Iefd2a576415ebc1416cba2a3334d2b64f042ba92


Tested-by: Ian Maxon <>

Reviewed-by: Till Westmann <>

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Add the Binary data type and corresponding helper functions to Asterix.

The binary data type is implemented as a bytearray. Its storage format

follows the String type which has 2 bytes for length and then store the

bytes contents.

Binary data will take hex("") or base64("") as the constructor method to

passing a hex string or base64 string into Asterix. For output we use

hex("") format.

The parse-[hex|base64](string) function will parse the corresponding hex

or base64 string to binary type. The print-[hex|base64](binary)

functions will print the binary to hex or base64 STRING format.

The sub-binary(binary, offset, [length]) function works the same as

substring(string, offset, [length])

The find-binary(srcbinary, targetbinary, [start-offset]) will find the

position of the targetbinary in the srcbinary.

Change-Id: I5ecf0cc115c44070fb5c1fc5b0ec12a95d4243a4


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Yingyi Bu <>

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Implement TokenizeOperator in addition to the changes made by Zachary Heilbron. Now, the compiler builds the bulk-load plan. For other details, please refer to the corresponding Hyracks changes.

Change-Id: I646539d88ea2bdc6da4fbf2b6e9460a6189125ff


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Young-Seok Kim <>

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added UUID type; added autogenerate syntax and AST info

  1. … 41 more files in changeset.
add/update license headers

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added year-month-duration and day-time-duration types

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Merged asterix_lsm_stabilization upto r1547

git-svn-id: eaa15691-b419-025a-1212-ee371bd00084

  1. … 6219 more files in changeset.
merged asterix_stabilization r1109 through r1168 into asterix_stabilization_issue_251

git-svn-id: eaa15691-b419-025a-1212-ee371bd00084

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Added interval type implemented. - merged local code from Teo for interval implementation; - bug fixing for temporal parser and arithmetic operation.

git-svn-id: eaa15691-b419-025a-1212-ee371bd00084

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Fixed asterix to work with hyracks-algebricks refactoring

git-svn-id: eaa15691-b419-025a-1212-ee371bd00084

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Added asterix project

git-svn-id: eaa15691-b419-025a-1212-ee371bd00084

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