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Initial support for true ADM output (content type application/x-adm).

Elimiate the JSON "results" wrapper from API calls. Rename

DisplayFormat -> OutputFormat, TEXT -> ADM. Cleaned up some output and

added some useful comments. Fixed a few latent bugs in testdriver string

comparison routines. Refactored HTTP error handling in TestsUtils. Had

to update many expected test results.

Change-Id: I2d7ead038512455b2ab7844021cb62222400447b


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Ian Maxon <>

Reviewed-by: Till Westmann <>

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support for JSON escapes in ADM and AQL parser fix fix introduce PrintTools.writeUTF8StringWithEscapes to replace Hyracks' WriteValueTools.writeUTF8String as this serialization is ADM-specific new method AQLParser.parse for better exception handling more robust extraction of line numbers from error messages

Change-Id: I2e9bea7658d00032a3ac7a1d107eba8f17423eeb


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Chris Hillery <>

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minor changes to pull based twitter adapter

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added basic feeds robustness test; testing behavior upon a cluster restart

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fixed integration tests for external library/UDFs

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altered test cases to include an order by for determinsitic results

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hybrid tests involving managix and aql statements; checkpoint 1

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