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Control Number of Readers for LocalFS Data

Change-Id: Ib9d5ece656220d5f562cc385f882c5ddfd3283a6


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Murtadha Hubail <>

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ASTERIXDB-1360 Fix Error Message for Unknown Format

This change includes some refactoring for external

data. This refactoring makes the code less error prone

and separate data source selection from data parser

selection. It also fixes issue ASTERIXDB-1366 and adds

a test case for it as well.

Change-Id: Ib4aac833e30bd7c5a7706f5c8116383c2362c964


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Till Westmann <>

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Improve Error Handling in Local Directory Feeds

This change improves handling of two error types for filesystem

based feeds. The first one is the handling of IO Errors which

causes the input stream to be closed, and the second one is

reacting to missed filesystem events. In both cases, we scan the

directory and compare it with the history we have in order to

resume from where we last left off.

In addition, this change includes some refactoring in external

data. Particularly, we get rid of the stream provider layer and

instead, stream factories create input streams directly. This

is consistent with record reader factories which create readers

directly without reader providers.

Change-Id: I08d89229e33c91532b1038ba9f7a372f7ca1fdb5


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Murtadha Hubail <>

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Support Change Feeds and Ingestion of Records with MetaData

This change allows feeds to perform upserts and deletes

in order to perform replication of an external data source.

The change does so by performing the following:

1. The adapter produces [PK][Record]. (Record == null --> delete)

2. The insert is replaced by an upsert operator.

Change-Id: If136a03d424970132dfb09f0dda56e160d4c0078


Reviewed-by: Yingyi Bu <>

Tested-by: Jenkins <>

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Enabled Feed Tests and Added External Library tests

Feed tests had been switched off for a while due to having too many

sporadic failures. Now, we are switching them back on.

In addition, a new set of tests have been added to test that external

library works as expected.

Change-Id: Idd1fccd136fa2645b2707bbf7c04e60991ae8d4a


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: abdullah alamoudi <>

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