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ASTERIXDB-1148: Selectable array-wrapping of results

Introduce "wrapper-array" parameter to HTTP API which selects (for ADM and

JSON) whether to wrap the result sequence in a generated outer array. For

JSON this defaults to "true" as before. For ADM this defaults to false,

resulting in a large number of expected-results changes.

Also introduce ability to have AQL tests which provide HTTP parameters.

Change-Id: I3122f136ff9ca8a2c2268238c57bb5eddab7b27e


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Chris Hillery <>

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This change includes the following: 1. allowing short-circuit reads to be used with external data. 2. enhancing behaviour of index access for Text data. 3. updating the external data documentation.

Rebased on current Master.

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commit 3176d741b8ef187703c7346044c9531a99f2b716

Author: Abdullah Alamoudi <>

Date: Wed Feb 4 18:32:24 2015 +0300

added changes from external experiments and reflected external data documentation to include external data indexing

Change-Id: I041c71391d8704cd800c4446a085beef197e7acf


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Raman Grover <>

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- Fixed Type Casting issue - Reorganized duplicated internal class in the DelimitedDataParser and DelimitedDataParserFactory - Prevented a user from creating an inverted index on a dataset with a variable-length PK - INT64 is now the default type - Issue 852 fixed

Change-Id: I2d71e8a21da4f709c3259a3d3f678c640f9e1160


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Till Westmann <>

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Initial support for true ADM output (content type application/x-adm).

Elimiate the JSON "results" wrapper from API calls. Rename

DisplayFormat -> OutputFormat, TEXT -> ADM. Cleaned up some output and

added some useful comments. Fixed a few latent bugs in testdriver string

comparison routines. Refactored HTTP error handling in TestsUtils. Had

to update many expected test results.

Change-Id: I2d7ead038512455b2ab7844021cb62222400447b


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Ian Maxon <>

Reviewed-by: Till Westmann <>

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fix issue349

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added fixes for issue 461 to support long count

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Merged asterix_lsm_stabilization upto r1547

git-svn-id: eaa15691-b419-025a-1212-ee371bd00084

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New directory structure for tests to run using REST framework.

git-svn-id: eaa15691-b419-025a-1212-ee371bd00084

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merged asterix_stabilization r620:1109

git-svn-id: eaa15691-b419-025a-1212-ee371bd00084

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Reviewer:Yingyi 1) Fix issues 14, 230, 238, 239, 245 2) Simplication of ADM/Delimited parser factories. 3) Additional test cases that use simulated feeds. 4) Additional test cases for external datasets over HDFS. 5) Code refactoring in asterix-external-data module.

git-svn-id: eaa15691-b419-025a-1212-ee371bd00084

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