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ASTERIXDB-1281 - Interval format update to AQL and ADM

The new interval format takes a more generic approach to representing intervals.

Here is an example for a date interval:

interval(date("2012-01-01”), date(”2013-04-01”))

Note that the interval type is defined by the arguments to the interval expression.

Currently only date, time, and datetime types are supported for intervals. The new

format is used for ADM and AQL.

In addition to the format change, the internal byte structure of an interval has been

updated. The format looks like the following:

byte tag, T start, T end (where T is a date, time or datetime type)

Note how the tag has been moved to the front. Also with the new sturcture, an

interval is variable length, not fixed length as before.

Change-Id: I009c71b7a445d141e228ba15d56d0b6cf3c8a3f5


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Till Westmann <>

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ASTERIXDB-1277 - Updated interval desc sort to be based on end point.

The default interval sort order is now the following:

asc - start point asc, end point asc

desc - end point desc, start point desc

Change-Id: I61d00850e0bc8ebc611366b95e2aa4da07d21d55


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Taewoo Kim <>

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