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ASTERIXDB-1187, ASTERIXDB-1162 and ASTERIXDB-1252 fixes, plus new internal functions

This change contains the following updates and fixes:

- New deep-equality function which also handles numeric equality,

e.g., [2.0, 2, 1.0] == [2, 2, 1].

- New internal functions for record manipulation, including add and remove fields from records

- Fixes for ASTERIXDB-1187: The RecordMergeDescriptor does not fully support

open record merge. Merging records with open fields results in "NullPointerException".

- Fixes to address issue ASTERIXDB-1162: dealing with closed or partly closed record

added to an open record field.

- Fixes issue ASTERIXDB-1252: Problems with Autogenerated Key

Change-Id: I3621ebdd71c7cd91b50d77a972ad863cea7fcbc2


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Till Westmann <>

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