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ASTERIXDB-1325, ASTERIXDB-1326: fixed leftouterjoin on an external dataset

- Fixed the issue that optimizer ignores index_nl hint on an index on an external dataset.

- Fixed the issue that index-nested-loop-leftouterjoin on an external dataset returns an empty results.

- Modified OptimizerTest to enable mockup HDFSCluster.

- Added an optimizer test on an external dataset.

Change-Id: I91b2e57f0bd1beaa58dd28a84d8e08d308246b26

Reviewed-on: https://asterix-gerrit.ics.uci.edu/672

Reviewed-by: abdullah alamoudi <bamousaa@gmail.com>

Tested-by: Jenkins <jenkins@fulliautomatix.ics.uci.edu>

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