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Move AsterixDB to Subfolder

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Allow Replication to be Enabled on Virtual Cluster

- Allow replication port assignment per NC.

- Allow replication to be enabled on virtual cluster.

- Wait for JOB_ABORT ACK from remote replicas.

- Fix LSM component mask file name.

- Fix index directory deletion on index drop.

- Eliminate multiple partition takeover requests.

- Free LogFlusher thread from sending replication ACKs.

- Fix possible deadlock between LogFlusher and Logs Replication Thread.

- Remove wait for FLUSH_LOG for replicated LSM components:

This wait is not needed since on node failure, complete remote recovery is done.

Change-Id: I34a38f59c4915a19242adb6a4eaa6ee1c82d2372


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Ian Maxon <>

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Divide Cluster into Unique Partitions

The change includes the following:

- Fix passing NC stores to AsterixConfiguration.

- Unify storage direcotry name in the instance level rather than the node level.

- Divide the cluster into unique storage partitions based on the number of stores.

- Refactored FileSplits and moved out of AqlMetadataProvider.

- Make AsterixHyracksIntegrationUtil use the passed configuration file.

- Make File Splits pass relative index paths of partitions rather than absolute paths.

- Remove unused AqlCompiledMetadataDeclarations class.

Change-Id: I8c7fbca5113dd7ad569a46dfa2591addb5bf8655


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Yingyi Bu <>

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Run ExecutionTest w/integration test framework

I changed the default local.xml to use 2 NCs with

2 partitions each like AsterixHyracksIntegrationUtil

so that the results will match despite using simple

string compare to determine correctness.

There is also one test in particular (big-object-join)

that I had to add an artificial order by clause to

to deal with different results.

Issues outstanding:

- HDFS in ClusterExecutionIT needs to be thought out

Change-Id: I423f2a7c77839b999d466dd5cace302574d956c0


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Chris Hillery <>

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Change-Id: I7d167b64bf9ec754182b5b2fe44dfc7e5908c686


Reviewed-by: Till Westmann <>

Tested-by: Jenkins <>

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Change License Headers

Also tweak the NOTICE file with some extras.



Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Till Westmann <>

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VariableSizeFrame(VSizeFrame) support for Asterix (Runtime Only)

Apply the API changes to

Asterix level.

Change-Id: I5459e877707a1494fc1bebf03d4457a7427e9e0f


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Yingyi Bu <>

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Adding plot of Algebricks plan

Change-Id: I917d92b1ca6f0161d67fbddd0182d5062939b558


Reviewed-by: Inci Cetindil <>

Tested-by: Jenkins <>

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Support sort-based group-by, add test coverage for out-of-core code paths, and adapt to the new buffer cache interface. -- add the support for sort-based group-by -- add test coverages for disk-based code path, including multi-pass code paths -- populate framesize and group-by buffer size into asterix -- adapt to new interface for buffer cache

Change-Id: I4af9eaa6fa6a8ae76b8ecaa39184785a90b32710


Tested-by: Ian Maxon <>

Reviewed-by: Till Westmann <>

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disable debugging checks fix LockManagerDeterministicUnitTest some cleanup

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better attempt to fix the bug minor cleanup

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a fix and a bunch of debugging changes

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Introduced a waiting window for a cluster to acquire the ACTIVE state (all nodes are available) before a submitted query/statement can be executed

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Allowed user to specify the merging policy

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changes to remove configuration parameters related to groupcommit and log sector

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merge master

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add/update license headers

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added default txn log directory

changed asterix-build-configuration.xml

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lowered num pages for mem components during the build to test flushes

plugging in log and lock configuration parameters

plugging in log and lock configuration parameters

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merge from master

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fix for issue 376: Need to classify and properly treat all built-in functions in AQL

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renamed some configuration parameters and made sure log level is set properly for builds

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fixed an issue related to incorrect plugging of parameter, changed property naming convention for asterix-build-configuration.xml

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revert the changes on the log configuration

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checkpoint 2 with more test cases, and revert back to the original checkout status.

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altering build logging level to WARNING (from INFO); note that this would omit messages (Executed test....blah) which are logged at INFO. If you feel strongly for a different default log level, please share your opinion

1) removed node reachability test 2) modified integration test to shutdown zookeeper prior to beginning tests

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