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Fixed a bug on unclosed running aggregation runtime; fixed an issue on two adjacent exchange operators (connectors) when duplicate sort operator is removed.

checkpoint: fixed a issue when introducing the HashMergeExcnahge but have not compute its delivered property, which could cause a NPE when its delivered property by other operator.

make more rules aware of non-functional functions

add a rule to eliminate empty-key gby

add a rule to converet left outer join to inner join

add a rule to converet left outer join to inner join

merge from zheilbron/hyracks_msr

  1. … 291 more files in changeset.
fix the execution mode of operators and the location constraint of algebricks meta operator

  1. … 29 more files in changeset.
Creating a branch for changes required for VXQuery. This commit includes the patch for issue 99.

add/update license headers

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organizing compiler parameters

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fix asterixdb issue459

fix asterixdb issue51

addressed young-seok's comments

address Vinayak's code review comments

fix asterixdb issue382

revert the unrelavent part

fix asterixdb issue428

address Madhu's review comments

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fix for issue196

  1. … 7 more files in changeset.
merge fullstack_lsm_staging

fix asterixdb issue 353

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Removed the Die operator footprint.

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Force global aggregation operator to run on only one partition.

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Merged fullstack_lsm_staging upto r3336

git-svn-id: 123451ca-8445-de46-9d55-352943316053

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add a rewriting rule for fixing issue-285

git-svn-id: 123451ca-8445-de46-9d55-352943316053

cross merge fullstack_release_candidate into trunk

git-svn-id: 123451ca-8445-de46-9d55-352943316053

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Merged fullstack_asterix_stabilization -r 2933:3157

git-svn-id: 123451ca-8445-de46-9d55-352943316053

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Fixed the optimizer test case failures in the result distribution branch by modifying the ExtractCommonOperatorsRule to consider the distribute_result operator.

git-svn-id: 123451ca-8445-de46-9d55-352943316053

Separate out WriteOperator and create a new DistributeResultOperator for result distribution.

We are creating this distinction to make sure that the old write results to a

file operator remains intact for those systems that use Algebricks but have

no need for result distribution like Hivestrix.

git-svn-id: 123451ca-8445-de46-9d55-352943316053

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