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all refined expect secondary indices

  1. … 27 more files in changeset.
always lock the whole dataset in PrimaryIndexSearchOperationCallback manage the dataset lock cache in the lock calls on the datset itself

fix driver logging

log the right counters

let pregelix driver print perf. counter

move request counters into separate class comment out some detailed logging

fix jobgen


fixed (minor) issue in TweetGenerator

merge from master

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Merge branch 'master' into raman/master_feeds


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introduce private unlock method that takes only primitive parameters

1. add deployment retry 2. support plan switch

use AtomicInteger instead of volatile int to get reliable counters

remove jobId from jobIdSlotMap in releaseLocks add some counters add some logging

increase retry count

introduce some local variables

reuseable DatasetId and JobId objects

expected results file added

use 'query' case to compare query results with expected results

copy once

fix linux io counter to return relative I/Os

fix the linux io counter

add IO counters in the client library

fix for the case iostat is not installed

add I/O counter

Fix for issue 646.

remove AsterixThreadExecutor.shutdown() again

let system_load be average of a specified period