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master merged to this branch

four ddl tests added

some cleanup

four ddl tests added

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Merged hyracks master back into VXQuery branch.

Updated the policy to have a boolean function for entering nested plans.

use temp variables (instead of ignoring them)

Merge branch 'master' into westmann/scratch

Pages are decided to be dirty when the write latches are released. Optimized the scan and update cursor.

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Merge branch 'master' into westmann/locks

change size of ResourceGroupTable

Improve error logs in failed tests.

Fix test for issue 610

Merge branch 'diego/hotfix/issue610'

cleanup pregelix job context

add pagerank multi-job test

fix the duplicate jobid issue

some cleanup

Mild refactoring & adds debug statements

Add test for issue 610 - handle correctly end_record and end_unordered_list tokens in adm format.

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add cache for dataset locks (they are given up when the job finishes) minor cleanup

Disabled memory limit for MSR

Merge branch 'master' into westmann/locks

Merge branch 'master' into yingyi/fullstack_fix

support multiple concurrent jobs

updated hivestrix test case for running aggregation fix

Introduced a waiting window for a cluster to acquire the ACTIVE state (all nodes are available) before a submitted query/statement can be executed

Merge branch 'master' into westmann/scratch

set proxy for MetadataNode after MetadataBootstrap is done

Rewrites selection behavior