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use 'oncelistener' for circle mouseout

fix circle colors

remove 'close counts' button

Ensure batchSize is at least 1 in all cases

Make DmlTest a valid JUnit test; but suppress execution as it does not work (missing asterix-configuration.xml file)

Also exclude Hivesterix perf test (test data not actually checked in)

Block ALL Pregelix tests, for now

autoclose info boxes; remove whitespace

Fixed hanging Pregelix name

More hanging Pregelix tests

fix some whitespace

Merge branch 'master' into eugenia/black_cherry_stable



Don't attempt to run Abstract tests

Fix heap size

Use Asterix-style surefire config; define hanging-pregelix-tests profile to run pregelix tests that tend to hang (now skipped by default)

Ensure batchSize > 0 even when running with very many CPU cores

Merge branch 'master' into ceej/tiered-tests

Merge branch 'master' into ceej/tiered-tests

Change feeds_ingest test case to "slow"

Merge branch 'master' of into icetindil/issue_352

Change skipSlowTests to runSlowAQLTests

Introduce different categories of tests which can be individually selected

Use forkCount instead of deprecated forkMode

Consolidate JUnit configuration to top-level POM

Removed stale config; removed jvm.extraargs from surefire config

Explicit dependency on JUnit 4.8.1 where necessary to build

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into ceej/tiered-tests

Merge branch 'master' of into ceej/tiered-tests

Copy of Yingyi's FrameTupleAppender. The new version adds a method to append fields directly into the frame. The user must use a new constructor to enable use of this method.

fixing issue #352