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use the typeheirarchy for type checking in the admdataparser

Merge branch 'zheilbron/hyracks_msr_demo' of into zheilbron/hyracks_msr_demo

Merge branch 'zheilbron/asterix_msr_demo' of into zheilbron/asterix_msr_demo

Changed create-polygon to accept a list of doubles.

a fix for asterix issue 633.

change spatial type constructors to return null if a null argument is passed in

partially fix issue 602

partial fix for issue 676

add import that got screwed up in the merge

Merge branch 'master' into zheilbron/hyracks_msr_demo

Merge branch 'master' into zheilbron/asterix_msr_demo

fix conflict in comment

Merge branch 'master' into yingyi/fullstack_fix

remove extra method

merge master to fix-mem branch

Merge branch 'master' into pouria/fix-memory






Fixing Methods signature

re-enabled test

modified test case to use adaptor alias instead of class name

Merge branch 'master' into raman/master_feeds_adaptor_test

fix to support non-default pregelix cc http ports

fix parsing of actual 64-bit values

corrected the external adaptor test case to use the right library

compatibility for for bash versions <4.0

add (optional) CC_HTTPPORT and JOB_HISTORY_SIZE to conf

fix for linux setting

added test for installation and use of an external adaptor

fix client dyn-opt setting

1. make startcc/nc scripts flexible for different physical memory size; 2. add dynamic optimization option in the Client

support heterogenous cluster

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