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fix linux io counter to return relative I/Os

fix the linux io counter

add IO counters in the client library

fix for the case iostat is not installed

add I/O counter

Fix for issue 646.

remove AsterixThreadExecutor.shutdown() again

let system_load be average of a specified period

add client counter collection

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synchronize on jobArenaMgr when looking for deadlocks

verify successfully after merging

after merge4

after merge3

after merge2

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after merge master

add logic for manually triggered state dumps

added ability to trigger an application state dump through the rest api

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before merge

Merge branch 'master' into eugenia/black_cherry_stable

Merge branch 'master' into westmann/locks

change datasource scans to retain input (aka propagate all vars); add test case for hoisted let that avoids var inlining

ensure proper partitioning strategy for operators beneath datasourcescan

fix lifecycle issue introduced by hyracks nc fix

fix metdata booststrap, leave the work to dataset lifecyle manager

fix application lifecyle mgmt in hyracks nc

Merge branch 'master' into westmann/locks

Merge branch 'master' into westmann/locks

Merge branch 'raman/master/cluster_active_wait' into westmann/scratch

fix an inconsistency in create-point documentation