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dealing with empty counter

changes to fix issue 510

1) null check in feed frame writer 2) corrected path in feed ingestion test

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merge from master

removed repetitive comment

minor changes to pull based twitter adapter

Merge branch 'raman/master_feeds' of into raman/master_feeds

renabling surefire plugin

added an additional test for feed ingestion

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Merge branch 'master' into westmann/locks

Merge branch 'master' into westmann/locks

merged from kisskys/master_fix_abort_issue to master to fix issue 679

fixed the issue 679

fix for issue 677

Merge branch 'master' into westmann/locks

32 bits are not enough for LockManagerStats

no allocation of job slot during unlock

recover_after_abort added

do not keep the monitor on jobArenaMgr unnecessarily

rename LoadFromFileStatement to LoadStatement

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Merge branch 'peili/crash_recovery_tests'



  1. … 4 more files in changeset.

added test case for generic socket based feed adaptor

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removing calls to deleted methods

restoring default values for heartbeat_period and max_heartbeat_elapsed, temporarily changed for fault tolerance experiments

default secondary index commmented

put some detailed logging behind a DEBUG_MODE guard small cleanup

add DummyLockManager