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[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release esa-maven-plugin-1.0.2
ARIES-1650 Maven plugin no longer includes non-bundle artifacts

Patch applied on behalf of Wouter Bancken and Tom de Wolf with many thanks!

This closes

ARIES-1490 Add feature to configure the 'Subsystem-Content' header

This allows to include only direct content or also transitive content.

Patch applied on behalf of Tom de Wolf with many thanks.

This closes

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release esa-maven-plugin-1.0.0
[ARIES-1255] Support Subsystem-Content version ranges from Maven version ranges

If a Maven version range is specified in the Maven dependency, then use this range as the version range in the generated Subsystem-Content header. For example:




<version>[3.0, 3.8.2)</version>


Will generate a subsystem content header of:

Subsystem-Content: mySymbolicName;version="[3.0,3.8.2)"

For Maven dependencies that don't use a version range the version is declared as version="[a.b.c,a.b.c]"

Unit test included.

[ARIES-1255] esa-maven-plugin generates Subsystem-Content with version range for composite subsystems

This patch restricts the version range for Subsystem-Content entried that are derived from Maven Artifacts to be exactly the Maven version [a.b.c, a.b.c] as this maps to the Maven dependency model.

Previously the dependency was modeled as version="a.b.c" which actually is the same as [a.b.c, infinity].

[ARIES-1230] Manifest start-order bug in esa maven plugin

Committed fix on behalf of Rainer Schamm.

Upgrade all modules to the released parent
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Change parent version to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT
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[ARIES-1006] Refactoring of the parent pom, upgrade to OSGi 4.3.1 and full Java7 compilation support
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ARIES-1103: Use version from bundle or subsystem manifest. Add in appropriate type too
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ARIES-1176: Override subsystem name and description
ARIES-1175: Support for adding custom headers
[ARIES-1165] esa-maven-bundle without packaging type "esa"

Patch applied on behalf on Markus Kuppe with many thanks!

This closes pull request #6.

PS. I did reformat some of the changed files as they contained inconsistent



Added support for start-order. Putting the following in the plugin configuration will add a start-order value to

all contents based on the order in which they are presented to the plugin (which I'm hoping is the same order they

appear in the pom.xml :) )


  1. ./src/test/resources/unit/basic-esa-start-order

Basic maven plugin for creating Subsystem .esa files. Implementation based of the eba-maven-plugin. I tidied things up a bit, removed deprecated configuration options, and added support for the Subsyste-Type header which doesn't exist for ebas. It doesn't supports (but would be nice to have):

1. Custom headers

2. Version ranges for the content dependencies

3. Start-order for contents

4. Probably a whole load of other features :)

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  1. ./src/test/resources/unit/basic-esa-test/target
  2. ./src/test/resources/unit/basic-esa-no-bundles
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  3. ./src/test/java/org/apache/aries/plugin/esa
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