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Update to new parent
Upgrade all modules to the released parent
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Change parent version to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT
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[ARIES-1006] Refactoring of the parent pom, upgrade to OSGi 4.3.1 and full Java7 compilation support
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Fixed <archiveContent>all</archiveContent>. Added test for fix. Removed unused site and it folders.

  1. ./src/test/resources/unit/basic-eba-all-bundles
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[ARIES-862][maven-release-plugin]prepare for next development iteration
[ARIES-862][maven-release-plugin]prepare release eba-maven-plugin-1.0.0
Use the released parent poms so aries can actually build with a somewhat

clean .m2/repository.

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ARIES-849 Merge in 1.0-prototype branch to move all stable modules to 1.0.0 bundle and package versions.
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Update all parents to 0.5 version and reset relativePath elements
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Revert 0.5 parent dependency
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ARIES-754: Try to get trunk building properly again
ARIES-751: Move to 0.5-SNAPSHOT as the changes so far mean a function enhancement rather than just a bug fix
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ARIES-744 try to clean up poms to make scopes more consistent and reduce duplication
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Added support for building .eba archives that don't contain any of the bundles (they're purely a zip with an application manifest). A new configuration element has been added.

To create an eba that contains no bundles, use the following:




To create an eba that contains only the application content bundles, use the following:




To create an eba that contains the application content bundles and any transitive dependency bundles, use the following:




The configuration element <useTransitiveDependencies/> is deprecated in favour of <archiveContent/>.

  1. ./src/test/resources/unit/basic-eba-no-bundles

Added support for Use-Bundle generation into the APPLICATION.MF. Configured using plug-in configuration as follows:



<Use-Bundle>org.acme.my.Bundle;version="[1.0.0, 1.1.0)"</Use-Bundle>



Simply takes the value from the element and write it out in the Use-Bundle header. E.g. the above becomes

Use-Bundle: org.acme.my.Bundle;version="[1.0.0, 1.1.0)"

Does not perform any validation of the Use-Bundle entry against any of the project dependencies.

ARIES-679: Rectify the pom of Proxy.impl and introduce Java 5 compatibility checking in JMX and EBA Maven plugin
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ARIES-610 Release by bundle - refactor trunk

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ARIES-610 Switch trunk to use released 0.4 parent

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ARIES-562. Move up to 0.4-SNAP and fix ordering issue with proxy

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ARIES-548 Fix references to incubator in trunk

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