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ARIES-1791 - Mark BMP generate mojo as thread safe
Allow lazy predicates
Move to default methods

These implementations rely only on OSGiRunnable interface, so they can

be moved to default methods

Abstract out to OSGiFactory
Change to OSGiRunnable
Make Publisher return OSGiResult to unify
Do not return impl type
Remove redundant OSGiOperation
[Component-DSL] Support up to arity 26
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[Component-DSL] Refactor
[Component-DSL] Refactor to eliminate OSGiOperationimpl

And also eliminate then need for start() method in OSGiresult. Programs

are directly started with run().

Also unify run() with Publisher and eliminate the need of many casts.

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[Component-DSL] Javadoc cleanup
[Component-DSL] Improve toString method
[Component-DSL] Better use explicit comparison
[Component-DSL] cleanup
[Component-DSL] Sent notHighest after highest

In the event that a service is substituted by another service with

higher ranking first the existing service is signalled removed, then the

new service is sent down the `highest pipe` and then the old service is

sent down the `notHighestPipe`

[Component-DSL] Retract values in inverse order
[Component-DSL] No need for lifecycle in Publisher
[Component-DSL] needs a counter to work properly
[Component-DSL] Added Effect type
[Component-DSL] Fix only last publisher
[Component-DSL] Don't use eager expressions in splitBy

This provides more flexibility allowing, for example, an element

producing more than one key - value pair.

Defaulting to the old behaviour would be as simple as using just.

[ARIES-1790] ValidatingDelegatingManagedConnectionFactory is not used with aries.xa.validateOnMatch
[Component-DSL] Tests for accumulations
[Component-DSL] Implement accumulations using onlyLast

This way can be reused to generate lists or maps

[Component-DSL] Make sure resource is not left in working state

Otherwise an exception would render the result not closeable because the

closing thread would be caught in an endless loop.

[Component-DSL] Source cleaning
[Component-DSL] Merge all produced elements by default