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[ARIES-Tx-Control][maven-release-plugin]prepare release tx-control-0.0.3
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[tx-control] Add JPA XA support for Hibernate 5.2.x
  1. /tx-control/tx-control-provider-jpa-xa-plugin-hibernate-5_2
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Dummy closes #55
Reactivating async module as we are now on a jdk8 build
Fix javadoc generation
Fix errors reported by Dominik
Fix javadoc generation for jdk8 builds
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Fix javadoc generation for jdk8 builds
ARIES-1729 - Including resources with no manifest or bundle symbolic names causes NPE
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First attempt to implement Applicative
Correct implementation of distribute

The older one invoked flatMap an unnecessary number of times.

Update to new parent
Deactivate javadoc geneation for blueprint bundle as it fails the deploy builds
Fix compile error in ariestrader sample
Update to current snapshot version
Fix build
Fix warnings
[ARIES-1728] Remove dependency to aries util
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[ARIES-1728] Remove NLS from transaction manager
Fix warnings
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Remove unused variable
Fix warnings
Merge util and util-r42 and fix javadoc errors
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Add README with some general descriptions
[ARIES-1550] getConnection with null user. Closes #47

Call underlying datasource´s getConnection() if no

aries.xa.username is set. Relates to ARIES-1171.

ARIES-1276: Add monitoring capability via MBean to Aries Transaction JDBC
ARIES-1690: improved isRollBackException lookup, since annotation attributes are not accessible in postcall
ARIES-1690: added itests
[ARIES-1727] Unable to create blueprint spring container
[ARIES-1726] Always use findEntries to find blueprint xml configuration from fragments