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[MRM-1829] Change default value of of AysncLogger strategy for log4j async

fix wrong assignment

more try with resources

do the same as FileUtils.copyFile do

use Files.copy from java.nio.file

use Files from java.nio

diamond operator

diamond operator

add cassandra profile as described in README

[MRM-1830] Charset applied to binary repository HTTP responses

Revert "[MRM-1828] upgrade to jetty 9.x"

This reverts commit a7a2c9130e30992d3d5dc4e6edac5d1d51034458.

[MRM-1828] upgrade to jetty 9.x

add an index for the projectVersionMetadataModel.key column

fix fuzzy override placing failure on web

one move for all remaining override annotation

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Multicatch and override

simplify varargs calls

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release archiva-1.3.8

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fix SCM URLs

bump version for next release attempt

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    • +6
@Override + Diamond

add for loop

format md for github

more diamond

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rat ignore +=overlays

fix CME

more diamond

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my bad fix compilation

fix idea warning